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Shout-out to all my Supporters!

I ran a Kickstarter in order to promote my book and get a few pre-sales (you can read it about it here). The Kickstarter ended on Sept. 27th and thankfully we were fully funded. I can’t thank all my supporters and backers enough. It was the hardest, yet most rewarding thing I have done yet, next to actually getting this book published, of course. The overwhelming outpouring of support for this project, is what gave me that final push I needed toward making this dream a reality.

I can honestly say, you may never know how many people are out there silently cheering for you; I had no idea. I never expected so many people to jump up and back this book. I wanted to take a moment to really say from the bottom of my overwhelmed, grateful heart, Thank You to every single one of my Kickstarter supporters.

Corei Bean; Kari and Thomas Bosley; Adam Hitchcock; Brenda Kelso, Julian Kelso, and Izaak King II; Brad, Theresa, and Bryce Alford; Wendy and Bruce Peterson; David “Fish Fillet” Blackwell; Ryan, Shelly, Emily, and Grace La Vergne; Jim Terryberry; Team PhillFam; Michael and Vanessa Patrick; Sean Byrne; Sean Robbins; Kara VanWinkle; The Reesmans; Mikey Jensen; Jessica and Zach Peterson; Darcy Jayne; Eunice Hammerstrom; Brian and Lisa Peterson; Samantha Nixon; Lanette and Amber Allen; Justin and Marti Thomas; and all the other backers who wish to remain anonymous.

Along with my Kickstarter supports, I have had amazing response from my book release. It seems everyday I find messages from one or two friends saying they bought my book or received their book in the mail. I never thought so many people would go out of their way to buy this book. It has been surreal to be a part of this experience.

When I first decided to publish this book, I laughed a bit thinking maybe I would sell 10 copies, if my mom bought 5 that is, lol. Much to my surprise I have sold a little over 100 copies! That’s more than I could have dreamed for a first release, self-published author. I have done all my own marketing and spent countless hours promoting on social media. I have spent so much time on research and learned a lot through this self-publishing process. I am grateful for every minute, but excited to get back to actual writing.

To say I am blown away doesn’t begin to describe how I feel. Honestly, when I started this journey back in July, I was embarrassed to admit I was writing a book. I’ve always been shy when it comes to admitting I write books, I’m not sure why, but lately I’ve been more forthcoming and honest about what I do all day. Everyone who has bought and liked the book, gives me the courage to come out of hiding and show the world what I am capable off. I have a lot of self-doubt, but I’m working on getting over that.

I need to take this moment to tell everyone who has supported this book in any way, from the Kickstarter to simply buying the book, Thank You. I may never sell thousands of books, but for me this has been an amazing success.

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