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Mitchel Maree

Bringing the imagination to life, one book at a time.

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The Magic Cube Series

The Mystery of the Cursed Elves

Book #1

Can four children break a mysterious curse before Christmas is ruined for good?

Journey Through the Fairy Door

Book #2

The Watson siblings must battle giants and dragons on a dangerous mission to rescue the fairies.

The Quest for the Crown

Book #3

Will the Watsons find the magical crown, before a dangerous threat takes over the land of unicorns? 

The Magic Cube Series is an exciting fantasy adventure series geared toward children ages 7-11 year-olds. These chapter books are the perfect length for readers transitioning from Early Readers into longer chapter books. 

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Meet the Author

Hi, I’m Mitchel Maree, author, and creator of the Magic Cube series. 

I starting writing The Mystery of the Cursed Elves on an extended winter holiday as a way to entertain my children in the evenings. The Watson children are loosely based on my own four kids. After writing the first book, I knew these four children would be taking several more journeys with the magic cube. 

After writing the second book, Journey Through the Fairy Door, I began crafting together a full series complete with twists and turns and new mythical creatures to help along the way. 

I am currently working on the next book in the Magic Cube Series. If you want to stay up to date on all my upcoming projects sign up for my newsletter below. You’ll also get some sneak peeks at illustrations, cover art, and even excerpts. 

Follow along on my self-publishing journey. I blog about my experiences and learnings throughout the entire writing process. Make sure to pop on over to My Blog and take a peek.