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Free Download: Adventure Under the Sea

Not actual Book Cover/ Coming Soon

Peek into the magical world of Noradoon. 

Can a boy and mermaid work together to save an underwater kingdom?  

Peter Watson loves myths and legends, but he knows those are just stories. Until one day, on a diving expedition, he meets an actual mermaid, Athena, and she needs his help.

Mera has captured King Leer, ruler of the mermaids. She’s changed the mermaids into an army of merrows, like herself. Now, she’s in search of the powerful Triton which will give her the power to rule over all seven seas.

Athena is the only mermaid left, but she has a plan. The only problem? She needs Peter as bait to trap Mera. If the plan fails, Peter will be turned into a merrow for all time.  

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