Magic Cube Series

Santa needs help! The elves have gone bad! Can four children break a mysterious curse before Christmas is ruined for good?

To save the fairies, four children must face off against giants and dragons. Will their rescue mission succeed, or will they end up as dinner?

The Sapphire Crown is missing, can four children find it before it falls into the wrong hands?

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14-year-old Peter Watson loves mythology and legends, but he never expected to become part of it.

While scuba diving, Peter encounters something straight out of legends. A mermaid! And she needs help.

Maeve, an evil merrow, has taken over Atlantis and transformed the mermaids into an army of merrow minions. As her power increases, Maeve sets her sights on the world above the sea.

The fate of the world rests on Peter and the one remaining mermaid, Athena. Will they be able to sabotage her mission or will they end up as pawns in her army of merrows? 

Not actual cover. Cover art coming soon. 

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