Kickstarter Supporters

My Kickstarter ended, fully funded, on Sept. 27th. I can’t thank all my supporters and backers enough. It was the hardest but most rewarding thing I have done yet, next to actually getting this book published, of course. 

I can honestly say, you may never really know how many people are out there silently cheering for you. I never expected so many people to jump up and back this book. I wanted to take a moment to say from the bottom of my overwhelmed, grateful heart, Thank You to every single one of my Kickstarter supporters.

Corei Bean; Kari and Thomas Bosley; Adam Hitchcock; Brenda Kelso, Julian Kelso, and Izaak King II; Brad, Theresa, and Bryce Alford; Wendy and Bruce Peterson; David “Fish Fillet” Blackwell; Ryan, Shelly, Emily, and Grace La Vergne; Jim Terryberry; Team PhillFam; Michael and Vanessa Patrick; Sean Byrne; Sean Robbins; Kara VanWinkle; The Reesmans; Mikey Jensen; Jessica and Zach Peterson; Darcy Jayne; Eunice Hammerstrom; Brian and Lisa Peterson; Samantha Nixon; Lanette and Amber Allen; Justin and Marti Thomas; and all the other backers who wish to remain anonymous.