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The Mystery of the Cursed Elves

Santa needs help! The elves have gone bad! Can four children break the curse or will Christmas be ruined for good!



Scout is on a mission from Santa. The North Pole is in trouble. Several of the elves have fallen under a mysterious curse, causing them to act strange.

Eleven-year-old Max Watson is looking for adventure. When he finds Scout in his backyard, Max and his three sisters are whisked away on a magical journey. Together they must find a way to break the spell, before Christmas is ruined for good.

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This is a fun and interesting story of a group of siblings off on a holiday adventure to save Santa. Your kids will love it; they can put themselves in the place of the characters and the kid characters are the ones moving the story forward. It's a fun read where kids get to be kids and also make decisions, work together, and learn. The illustrations are very cute, look great, and go nicely with the story.
Wes-Amazon Reviewer
This lovely book takes us through the adventure of four kids and the adorable mystery they solve together. It is a darling read and I absolutely enjoyed it. It took me back to my childhood, wherein I would sit and devour all the Famous Five, Find Outers and Three Investigators. A really charming and darling read.


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