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Recently I started a newsletter. The goal is for the newsletter to be informative, and contain some exclusive material, while not being overly annoying and flooding your inbox.

I like to share things such as: artwork for upcoming books, chapter excerpts, cover reveals, as well as a summary of things I’m working on. It’s a way to keep readers up to date on current and upcoming projects. It’s as if I’m bringing you along on the journey from the first draft through publication.

This month I released an exclusive Prequel to the Magic Cube series. This novella introduces us to the Magic Cube. The free PDF download. can stand on its own; you don’t have to read other books in the series for this one to make sense.  You can read the first chapter here.

I would like to share a sample of what a typical newsletter looks like. Below is a copy of the April 2021 issue: – April 2021 NewsletterIf you are interested in subscribing and receiving your free PDF of,  Adventure Under the Sea, sign up for the newsletter today.

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