Adventure Awaits:

The Quest for the Crown

Four kids on a candy-coated quest must recover a missing crown to protect their world and save the unicorns from a dangerous, threatening force.

For centuries, the unicorns have guarded the Sapphire Crown, the source of all magic in Noradoon. The crown also controls the portal linking Noradoon to the human world. Now the crown has been stolen, putting every creature and human in danger.  

The fate of the worlds rests on the shoulders of four siblings, the unlikely heroes chosen by the Magic Cube. Guided by a unicorn, the kids are sent on a quest through a land of sugary sweets. With all the delicious treats to distract them, will they find the crown in time, or will temptation lead to the destruction of both worlds? 

 Join the Watsons on their newest, delicious quest through the land of sweets!  

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