The Rumor

The Rumor
By Elin Hilderbrand


Format: Audiobook


Rumors and gossip fly quickly in a small town. The saying “living vicariously though you,” has never been truer for best friends Madeline King, a bestselling novelist, and Grace Pancik, a stay-at-home-mom working to create the perfect garden. Madeline is struggling with writer’s block, feeling the pressure from her editor to create the next bestseller. Grace, bored with her life, meets a man, who could change everything, when he come to help transform her garden.

What if the next big story happens to be the one playing out in your best friend’s life?  Madeline believes she has found the perfect story, one of love and betrayal, lust and desire, but at what cost?

This was an excellent and entertaining read. The characters were relatable, and I found myself curious as to how the story of Grace would unfold; and how Madeline would bring her book to life. Aside from Grace and Madeline, we are taken into the lives of their husbands and children too. In fact, we learn a lot about this small town as the gossip mill continues to turn. We learn how the littlest rumor can easily lead to destructive problems; some based on lies and others based on the truth.


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